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In Just 12 Weeks You Can Easily create automatic healthy habits, boost your fitness levels, torch fat, and say goodbye to those extra stubborn inches...

The "Super Simple" Blueprint that helped one Founding Member Shred 29.5 inches off her body... 

including 5 inches off her stubborn lower stomach area!

All in just 12 short weeks...

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Real Women... Real Results In Just 12 Weeks!!

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Feeling Sluggish, Demotivated, Overweight, Or Uncomfortable In Your Own Skin?

Feel Like Half The Time You're Living Inside Of Someone Else’s Body...

I'm Here To Tell You That Finally!

If you want to rid yourself of the recurring nightmare that these daily feelings create. You can. You deserve to feel like the real you...

And you deserve to wake in the morning fired up for the day and with a real killer attitude towards life.

If you’re suffering from an overwhelming sense of fatigue and tiredness…

If you often experience a lack of motivation when confronted with even the smallest of tasks…

Or if you feel like you’re on the right track, but need that extra accountability from a coach and an amazing group of motivated women on a mission…

You are in the right place.

It’s always at least one of these struggles that women face before they say enough is enough and decide to take action…

I want you to know that you’re not alone and that you deserve to be the real you...

That ideal version of yourself that you have in your mind is just waiting to be unleashed!

I know those feelings all to well...

I Went Through Them After A Backpacking Trip Around Australia… My diet consisted of McDonald's and "Goon" (boxes of wine) for an entire 12 months.

And let me tell you, by the end of that trip I had completely lost control of my life. I felt awful. And when I looked in the mirror, it only made me feel worse...

I was heavier than I had ever been in my life...

And the anxiety I was going through landed me in hospital one night after a scary full blown panic attack. But it was at that time when I knew, deep down in my core that I had to make drastic changes in my life.

If I sat there and did nothing... If I didn't change my lifestyle and my habits right then...

I'd go on suffering (in silence) for the rest of my life. The journey I went on from that point has led me down a number paths.

And you know, for a long time the connections in my head didn't seem clear. It wasn't until early this year that I could clearly see exactly what was happening in my life.

I started to join the dots and I quickly realised how everything I learned along the way wasn't just so I could help myself...

Far from it.

The habits and principles that helped me out of a dark moment in time can be applied to any woman's life and create a massive positive impact...

Any Women Can Take This Blueprint And Use It To Turn Her Life Around For The Better...

You Can Rediscover That “Feel Good Factor” & Start Down The Path To A Life Full Of Energy, Enthusiasm, & Excitement.

Hi, I'm Emma Weafer

I've been a women's fitness coach for the past 15 years.

I'm the founder of Sister Squad and an international master trainer with BBX...

I've helped thousands of women in two different continents to get fit and healthy with three offline fitness businesses.

And I've also competed and won trophies in national bikini competitions along the way.

The time spent in this "competition side" of the industry helped shape the view I have of exercise and nutrition today.

It helped me discover what you should and shouldn't do if you want to get real results in specific timeframes...

All while avoiding the potential of damage to your body in the process.

I made the mistakes (suffered) and learned from them so you don't have to.

Your Mindset will Determine if you Win

You see, with weight loss, getting fit, exercise, and nutrition…

There's a fine line between a healthy sustainable approach, and a dangerous short term approach. If you want to get results fast, and if you want to keep them for the long term...

You need a sustainable blueprint you can apply day in day out. Who wants a flat stomach in March and a flabby gut that December??

No one.

If you've ever tried to lose weight in the past, chances are whatever method you used gave you little to no results...

If you did manage to achieve results, chances are that they were short term at the very best, and in no less than 12 months you gained back or might have even added to your original weight.

Unfortunately, this is an extremely common situation.

The thing is, to get long-term results, you need a sustainable step by step blueprint that you can follow.

The fitness, and weight loss industry is so corrupt these days that they will sell you on some sexy idea of six pack abs in 6 minutes, or the booty of your dreams in just 5 sassy minutes for 5 days before you go to bed nonsense.

Don't fall for it. It's utter nonsense!

You need to understand that those sales messages are just that.

Sexy sales messages written by someone who is more than likely not qualified to be giving any sort of exercise and nutrition advice to you.

But here's the truth. In plain sight.

Are you ready?

To lose the fat that you're sick to the back teeth of looking at and lugging around with you...

If you want to feel more energy, boost your motivation, lose inches off your waist, feel a real difference in the clothes that you already own, and go shopping for new clothes that are a size smaller than you’re used to buying...

You need to start making the choices right now that the person you have in your mind, the real you, the ideal version of you, would make on a daily basis.

And you need to make those choices over and over again.

Day in day out, till you get to where you want to be.

And then, you need to make those choices the next day, and guess what, you need to make those choices the day after that too.

That’s what so many "experts" online will never tell you.

But that's the truth!

It all comes down to the small choices we make every minute of every day.

And being 100% real with you right now...

Making the right choices 90% of the time is the key to reclaiming your true self and grasping control of your life.

Put another way...

You need to make these small choices that the ideal version of you that you have in your head right now would make…

And this is the key part...

Before you even become that person.

Is It Always That Easy?

No (but the more you do it the easier it gets)! 

Is it hard?? Sometimes (but I'll show you how, step by step)!

Will it get you the type of results that you're after?? 100% Yes!

And guess what! The consequence of making these choices starting today will make you an unstoppable force of nature. Your efforts will compound over time and turn you into an absolute legend of a woman.

Honestly. That's the truth.

I'm not going to sit here and tell you that you can become the fit and healthy woman you want to be by staying up till 1am every night while eating muffins and chocolate, and drinking bottles of wine.

Because that's a lie.

Make no mistake. Some "industry experts" will tell you that you can do that and then burn those muffin calories off as you brush your teeth before bed.

Real results

Tara - Founding KISS Member

Tara - Founding KISS Member

But c'mon! You don't honestly believe that do you?

Now If You're Starting To Get Worried About All This "Change"...

If the thought of changing your bad habits for good habits and the thought of making the right choice instead of the wrong choice 90% of the time is starting to freak you out... 

The system and the blueprint that I have for you. The system that will take you from where you are right now to where you want to be...

I'm sorry, it's not for you.

You'll be better off buying hope and a prayer from someone who has no idea what they're talking about...

And riding that 45 minute wave of initial enthusiasm and excitement related to that purchase.

On The Other Hand, If What I Just Said Got You Fired Up...

If you just screamed "hell yes" I'm ready to become that person and stand up and be accountable.

And If you'd like to be just like one of our founding KISS challenge members who has already shredded 29.5 inches of her body including 5 inches of her stubborn lower stomach area...

Read on, because now I'm talking directly to you, and what I have has the potential to completely transform all areas of your life.

Relationships, health, weight, sleep, & mindset.

So What's The K.I.S.S Challenge All About And How Can It Help You?

K.I.S.S = "Keep It Super Simple"

The principles that you'll learn inside the KISS challenge are super easy to understand and super effective...

We will hold you by the hand every step of the way while you become a vital member of Sister Squad.

We help you implement the principles into your daily life and give you every tool you need to maintain the habits long enough to get you real results you can be proud of...

The key to getting you results is to "keep it super simple".

By keeping everything "super simple" we set you up to win in both the now and the future...

And it's the fastest and safest way to lose weight and flood your body with energy.

And guess what..

It also happens to be the quickest way to tone and sculpt an amazing body.

Every habit you build, every workout you complete, and every day you follow the KISS blueprint...

You'll be one step closer to becoming the woman you know you can be...

And you'll develop an unbreakable mind and an unwavering focus along the way.

KISS is the way!

Limited Access - Join KISS Now!

The K.I.S.S Challenge Works!

Take a look at what some of our gorgeous clients are saying

Inside the KISS challenge we give you all the tools and strategies you need to get hold of your Mindset, Body, and life...

And we help you propel yourself forward in the Right direction!

Our KISS recipe packs put all the guesswork and frustration out of your mind when it comes to nutrition. We provide the recipes, grocery shopping lists, and meal plans that will fuel the 2021 version of you.

These delicious & nutritious meals will guarantee you have more energy and stop you snacking on food that is currently holding you back.
You'll have all the tools, recipes and resources tailored specifically to meet your needs as a busy woman.

We built the KISS Challenge to help women understand how to work with their menstrual cycle.

Ever notice how your energy levels seem to dip?

And your hunger levels seem to rise?
Right when you think you're making real progress...

Well, there's a very high chance that this is your menstrual cycle at play. We'll explain how your cycle impacts your body, and give you a plan that will allow you to stay consistent with your workouts and nutrition no matter what phase of your cycle you're in.

Building lasting healthy habits is not always easy. You may have tried to change your eating, working out or stress levels before but struggled to make changes last.
Healthy habits should be simple and effortless. Our sustainable model of habit building works across any goal, from motivation to exercise, eating, and to living a better life.

Everything inside the challenge is done through our IOS & ANDROID app. You have everything you need already planned out for you for every single day of the week.
It's the “done for you planner” in your pocket. Follow the steps, get results.

We have a group chat channel inside the app that is full of like minded "sister's" all rooting for one another. Share your success as often as you like and feed off the endless motivation from all the ladies.

Our weekly progress check-ins also give you the confidence to know that if you're not hitting your goals, you can quickly get some support without feeling embarrassed.

Tired all the time and don’t know why?
We know how frustrating and exhausting this can be. But you don’t have to live like this.

There are several strategies you can use to help improve the quality of sleep you get every night. Inside the challenge we show you exactly how to build a healthy sleep routine that works for you.

We know weekends are when people tend to fall off the bandwagon. We help you set your intentions for every weekend with our "win the weekend" sessions on a Friday.
This 5 minutes of time to stop and think about how you'll approach the weekend is often the difference between success and failure.

We're going to cover the most satiating macronutrient of them all and how you can leverage it to stay full for longer and help you to build gorgeous lean muscle all over your body. You will have your specific daily target to hit with this macronutrient and when you do...

You'll feel full, satisfied, and motivated for every single day.

In today’s busy society our lifestyles can often put a negative strain on our body’s systems. Without our bodies systems firing at 100% we can feel slow mentally, and sluggish physically.

Inside the KISS challenge we reveal the system that if neglected can cause an on-going inflammatory response. It can leave our bodies unable to defend us from dangerous toxins and compounds that enter our systems from the foods and water we consume.

Skipping meals is not the answer. We show you how to build important healthy eating habits so you can ensure you eat regularly throughout the day and also remain in tune with your hunger and fullness cues.

We show you how to be truly aware of what you eat and the best part is, it will literally take you seconds to minutes every day. This behaviour will help you to keep your goals and intentions at the forefront of your busy mind.

All our follow along live on-demand workouts are at the root of everything we do to help you go from beginner (if that's you now) to advanced.

You'll see your body improve in many aspects. You'll get stronger, faster, leaner, and you will begin to sculpt and tone your whole body.
From the Squad Dominator workouts, the baseline to advanced badass workouts, and the mixture of bodyweight and choreographed resistance and HIIT style training.

You're going to be sweating from everywhere...

And It's going to be glorious.

One of our first gorgeous ladies to go through the K.I.S.S Challenge put it better then I ever will...

Ann Marie

"The K.I.S.S Challenge Is Not A Diet Or A Get Slim Quick Approach.
It's A Lifestyle Changer That Will Get You Results And Help You Keep Them Forever."

Limited Access - Join Now!

There is nothing like the “KISS challenge” available online!

You can't get the Sister Squad workouts, the recipes and grocery shopping lists, the accountability, the amazing support of all the squad sisters, and the proven step by step method to building habits that reinforce in your mind the person you wish to become.

You won't find anything like it!

If there is anything out there that resembles what we can offer you, they will be charging at least 10-15 times per month what we are asking for.

Here's More Proof From Our K.I.S.S Challenge Sisters!

For A One Time Investment Of Just €247 You Will Get Everything I Have Mentioned On This Page...

  • You get full participation in the 12-week K.I.S.S Challenge.
  • You get all the sweaty fat burning choreographed resistance band & HIIT style bodyweight workouts.
  • Step by step guidance on how to build healthy habits that help you become the women you know you can be.
  • Access to all of the recipes, meal plans, and grocery shopping lists
  • All the one to one weekly progress check-ins.
  • Group chat access & accountability…
  • And you will have access to everything from your smartphone.

Plus, Because We Are Running A Very Limited 2022 Offer…

We Wanted To Sweeten The Deal And Make This Offer Simply Irresistible For You!

BONUS - Lean N Fab Program
  • 7 Step Guide To Healthy Eating
  • Two Recipe Collections (30 Delicious Recipes)
  • How To Store Food Guide
  • Meal Prep Guide

We normally sell Lean N Fab for €97.

Today it's a 100% FREE Bonus When You Join The K.I.S.S Challenge right now.


Founding KISS Challenge Member

Secure Your Place

Inside The K.I.S.S Challenge Now & Also Get Instant Access To The Bonus Lean N Fab Program Valued At €97 For FREE!!

Secure Your Place

Inside The K.I.S.S Challenge Now & Also Get Instant Access To The Bonus Lean N Fab Program Valued At €97 For FREE !!



100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Let me also say that when you buy today you're also protected by a 30 day money back no hassle guarantee.

So you can rest assured that even if you decide to join now and something crazy happened that prevented you from taking part in the challenge.

We will happily issue you a prompt refund or the option to push your challenge participation till the launch of the next challenge.

If you also join the challenge, give it everything you've got, and complete the 12 weeks inside the app and still don't think it was worth the money you've spent on it. We will give you back every penny.

I cant imagine that would ever happen, but I want to give you a crazy guarantee so saying no to joining today doesn't make any sense at all.

You're covered and I know you're going to have a great time inside the challenge. But if something doesn't work for you just let us know and we will work together to fix it.

What Happens Once You Join?

Let's Lay It Out So You Know Exactly What's Happening...

We have extremely limited places inside the challenge because we want to be certain we can give you the attention you need for the entire 12 weeks.

When you sign up today you're securing your place for the next KISS Challenge that takes place on January 31st 2022.

But that's not all you are going to get.

No way... I'm not going to just leave you alone without a plan of action for the next couple of weeks.

So what we're going to do is give you immediate access to our “lean N fab” program.

We normally sell that program for €97 but today you're going to get it as a special bonus for raising your hand and committing to an amazing year.

When I Said Before That There Are Only 25 Places Available In The Challenge...

I Was Being Real. It's Not A Trick!

We actually took in 62 women for the first KISS challenge and it was just too many women. I want to give you the attention you need and anything over 25 makes that virtually impossible.

The challenge is normally priced at €297, and when you consider the level of support and the quality of the resources we provide to help you smash your goals... It's a real bargain.

But today for just a one time payment of €247 it's an absolute steal.

Most of the other programs will charge that per month and come nowhere near the level of support we offer.

You can either join the kiss challenge waitlist today and get ready for the next launch with your place secured and the peace of mind knowing that you've taken the first step to getting the life of your dreams...

Or you can go and try to find another program that you think might be the answer to your current problems...

But the truth is that OTHER program will over promise results and under deliver on value to you. And most likely leave you further from your goals then ever before.

It's up to you...

Are you ready to commit and work on yourself, for the sake of yourself?

Or do you want to continue down the path you are on that's leaving you unhappy and unhealthy?

Your decision...

But whatever you decide, act fast because this special offer will not be around forever.

I can't keep it open because it wouldn't be fair to the ladies that acted fast, raised their hand, and said yes "I want a better life starting right now."

Now's the time...

Join The K.I.S.S Challenge

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