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Here's The Perfect Solution If You Want To Remove Unnecessary Distractions From Your Life, Remain Focused, And Smash Your Fitness Or Weight Loss Goal In Just 12-Weeks...

State your goal. Work The Planner. Smash your goal...

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Are you sick of the constant Unnecessary Distractions in your life?

Do You Ever Feel Like The Last Thing You Need In Your Life Is Another Notification On Your Phone?

Are you tired of looking at your phone and seeing a bunch of unread notifications all crying for your attention?

The thing is every time you deal with one of these tempting little distractions... 90% of the time you're solving problems for everyone else... Rarely are you ever making any meaningful progress in an area of your life that really matters to you...

Do you ever get that feeling?

Look... technology is amazing. There's no denying that. But it can also be a right pain in the bum... Especially if you're trying to cut out wasted time on nonsense so you can get started, or stay focused on a fitness goal you want to smash.

There's a time for phones, apps, emails, messages, and random notifications... But the time is not when you're trying to make progress on your journey to a better, healthier, happier, version of you.

"What about the awesome fitness and nutrition tracking apps I use?"

The thing is sometimes it's the technology with the greatest intentions that can be the biggest culprit of them all and be responsible for slowing you down or preventing you from making any progress on your journey...

For example... Inside Sister Squad we use the MyFitness Pal app to help women like you track what they eat throughout the day...

Firstly let me say... MyFitness Pal is simply amazing...

If you have any recipes from Sister Squad you've probably even used the camera on your phone to scan the barcodes that come on the recipes and quickly log that meal inside the app... Seriously the power you get from this one little app is crazy...

But with all the power the app has it's kinda hard to avoid the feeling of overwhelm for new users.

Now once you get over the learning curve the app is awesome, but you do need to invest a slice of your time to figure out how it all works.

If you've got the time and technology is generally your best friend rather than your enemy...

You've got to be using MyFitness Pal if you want to hit any fitness or weight loss goal in a specific timeframe.

The insights and feedback you get from tracking what you consume for a period of at least 4 weeks will be vital if you want to achieve your goal...

But if you want to go old-school & win...

If you want to go back to basics and "Keep everything Super Simple" on your fitness journey...

Then the Sister Squad "Badass Fitness Planner" is for you...

This planner helps you with every step along your fitness journey...

It helps you start, it helps you stay accountable, it helps you stay motivated and committed, and when you're feeling stuck... It helps you get unstuck by reminding you of why you chose this path in the first place...

The badass fitness planner will hold you by the hand and guide you through your fitness journey over any 12-week period you choose.

When completing the dream body section at the very beginning of your planner there are no rules...

This is your vision and nobody else's. Go wild and think big.

The goal setting section that follows will help you get crystal on how you are going to measure your progress when the 12-weeks come to an end.

Also make sure you input the habits that are currently holding you back and state the healthy habits that are going to help you smash your goal.

"The perfect companion for your fitness journey"

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I'd love to rush you a FREE copy of my brand new fitness planner... Right now!

Grab the FREE 12-week Badass Planner Today and...

  • Each day you'll save time by tracking what's necessary and forgetting about what's not.
  • Every day you'll be reminded of why you're on this journey and the things that you are truly grateful for in your life TODAY.
  • You'll be able to easily log your workouts and meals as you move forward through the day and quickly see your overall progress by completing the weekly reflection sections at the end of the week and making a note of them on the steps, calories, habit, or weight tracking pages inside the planner.
  • When you've completed the weekly reflection sessions the next pages you'll see smiling back at you are weekly workout planner and the weekly meal planning page. Filling in these pages are going to help you stay on track and remain motivated throughout the upcoming week...

You're going to love the planner...

The planner is designed for women just like you...

It's beautiful, it's classy, it's girlie, it's badass, and it will help you achieve any fitness or weight loss goal you can imagine!

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I'd love to rush you a FREE copy of my brand new fitness planner... Right now!

Claim your FREE Badass Planner Now And Get These 5 FREE Bonuses!

BONUS #1 - Lean N Fab Program

"Remove all the guess work from your nutrition with any of the 30 included delicious recipes and easily take control of your food choices with the 7-step guide to healthy eating... Even if you don't know what the hell a macronutrient is!"

Total Value €97

Have you got a "nutrition plan?" And is it working for you?

If you're like most women and you are constantly juggling commitments between work, family, and friends, you know by now that if you don't plan ahead you simply won't eat properly. It's just one of those things. I'm sure you've experienced this yourself...

Even if you're planning on working out like a woman possessed... If your eating habits and choices are out of whack...

You'll never get the results you dream about...

Inside Lean N Fab - "The 7 step guide to healthy eating"

This is not some super preachy guide on the rights and wrongs of your lifestyle or habits… And It’s not a get skinny quick scheme or fad diet.

It’s actionable guidelines that you can start using right now to totally change your lifestyle.

Truth is, without the correct foundations in place your body will crumble!

The 7 steps laid out in Lean N Fab's "Guide To Healthy Eating" can be followed by anyone and you don’t even need to implement them all at once. Take it slow and at your own pace, but either way you will notice a difference in how you feel within a week of putting these steps in place.

  • 5 things you probably have in your home right now that will instantly help you to reinvent breakfast and lunch and avoid food boredom along the way (page 20).
  • Ever heard the term “eat the rainbow”? Find out how “eating the rainbow” is crucial for your bodies optimal health and how you can make this process easier than ever before (page 4).
  • Discover a simple tip for restoring tinned veggies to their former glory and keeping their nutrient makeup at sky high levels (page 6).
  • Why (the right) “fat” should be a crucial part of your daily life and the exact items you need to eat to keep your good and bad cholesterol levels in the perfect range (page 8).
  • What’s your go to oil when cooking? You should really have a number of oils at your disposal. We show you what each oil is suitable for and the peak temperature that you should never exceed when cooking with them (page 9).
  • We all know water is essential for our bodies to function correctly, that’s stating the obvious. But at the best of times, water can be boring. We give you some tasty homemade fruit water suggestions that will keep things interesting as you consume your 1.5-2 litres of water everyday (page 11).
  • Food packaging is full of text, labels, and logos. Sometimes it’s hard to be 100% sure you aren’t eating something that’s full of harmful ingredients. That’s why we broke down a food label on a popular breakfast product and revealed exactly how to quickly do the same for any food item you pickup while grocery shopping (page 14).
  • 5 tasty alternatives to bread when it comes to breakfast. If you still insist on bread with your brekkie... We reveal the type of bread that’s best for you to eat if you want to help your digestive system and boost your bodies daily fibre intake (page 20).
  • We expose the words that are commonly used on packaging but that actually should just be replaced with the term “sugar”. Sugar is not the enemy, it’s just another carbohydrate. But make no mistake... We do have to be aware of how much we consume for a variety of health reasons. (Page 22).

Two Sister Squad Approved Recipe collections (30 delicious recipes)

We give you two recipe collections that we've never released before...

30 ridiculously delicious recipes in total with breakfast, lunch, dinner, & snack options all included.

  • Simple recipes and simple to follow cooking instructions that show you exactly how to prepare every meal inside your new recipe packs.
  • Detailed prep method & recommended cooking times for every recipe so all you have to do is simply follow along. Along with how many each recipe serves
  • Cookbook quality high-res photos of every meal in the plan that will have your mouthwatering before you even begin.
  • Quick and easy to prepare sweet healthy treats options
  • Easily scan the My FitnessPal barcodes on every recipe with the camera on your phone and never waste time searching for ingredients inside the app ever again.
  • Includes 30 ridiculously delicious recipes. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, & snack options inside
  • Two 7-day sample meal plans with included shopping lists that remove all the guesswork from your next grocery shopping trip.
  • Calories per serving & a simple to understand macro nutrient (fats, carbs, protein) breakdown for every single recipe.
  • Clear recipe key that at a glance shows if each meal is Gluten free, Dairy free, low carb, High protein, Vegetarian, or contains nuts. Perfect for those of us with food allergies or sensitive tummy's.

We normally sell Lean N Fab for €97.

Today it's a 100% FREE Bonus When You Get The FREE Badass Fitness Planner

BONUS #2 - How To Store Food Guide

Save time and your money by following these Simple "no-brainer" steps that will Make Your food last longer and help you avoid overspending on your next Grocery Shopping trip

Total Value €17

No food lasts forever. But there is simple tricks you can use to make sure you are squeezing every last drop of goodness from the recipes you prepare and the food you buy.

  • We show you exactly how to store everything you currently have in your kitchen the right way.
  • This guide will help you avoid overspending on groceries., and will show you how to keep food fresh and tasty for the longest possible time.
  • It will also show you the items that require a little bit more attention when it comes to storing them. The last thing you or anybody needs is a dose of food poisoning.
  • There’s also a whole section dedicated to storing and using leftovers. Seriously! Don’t throw away leftovers, they could easily be tomorrows lunch if stored in the correct way.

100% FREE Bonus When You Get The FREE Badass Fitness Planner

BONUS #3 - Meal Prep Guide

"Simple Meal Planning Tips That Will Save You Time Throughout The Week And Stop You From Binge Eating"

Total Value €17

You're a busy women... But without taking the time to prepare healthy nutritious meals you are reducing your chances of success to near zero. It doesn’t matter if you have a weight loss goal, a performance goal, or simply a health goal.

The fact of the matter is being prepared could easily be the difference between your success and failure. It could even be the one thing that’s holding you back right now!

  • Discover the compounds of a healthy balanced meal
  • Cooking timelines and the best method I know to prepare your starches, protein, and vegetables for the week ahead
  • Sample weekly shopping lists & weekly meal planners that take the hassle and stress out of meal prep

100% FREE Bonus When You Get The FREE Badass Fitness Planner

BONUS #4 - Calorie Range Calculator

"Discover Your Bodies Specific Daily Calorie Rage In Less Than 30 Seconds And Set Yourself Up For Long Term Success"

Total Value €19

Understanding exactly what you need when it comes to calories is crucial if you want to smash your fitness or weight loss goal.

When you know your bodies maintenance calories, you can easily introduce a calorie deficit if you're trying to lose weight, or a calorie surplus if you're aiming to build muscle mass. 

But without finding out your maintenance daily calorie range... 

You might as well be driving blindfolded.

With "Sister Squads Calorie Range Calculator" you can easily input your current weight, age, and height. Then input your activity level. With that information the calculator will instantly give you your bodies daily calorie range and your daily protein target...

  • Discover your bodies daily calorie range and then introduce a deficit or surplus depending on your fitness or weight loss goal 
  • Find out exactly how much protein you should be consuming everyday to fight off feelings of hunger and tiredness
  • Smash any goal you set for yourself by understanding exactly what your body needs to survive and then thrive every single day

100% FREE Bonus When You Get The FREE Badass Fitness Planner

BONUS #5 - Sister Squad Social Network

"Get all the accountability & support you'll ever need on your journey from a buzzing community of unstoppable Squad Sistaz"

Total Value €100

Remaining focused and committed when you're on any fitness or weight loss journey is vital if you want to achieve your end goal. But by surrounding yourself with people that are equally as passionate about achieving their goals, you're unlocking the secret sauce for success. 

It's often said that you are the average of your five closest friends. I believe this to be true... But I like to put a slight twist to that statement and at the same time give you the tools you need to easily level up your game.

I believe you are the average of your five closest Squad Sistaz.

And that's why I want to give you access to the Sister Squad Social Network when you get the Badass Planner right now.

With "Sister Squads Social Network" you will have a community of woman that you can lean on when the going gets tough, and a community of women that will celebrate your wins just like they would celebrate their own.

  • Complete your very own profile inside the network and build friendships with women that are on the exact same journey as you
  • Use the success stories of countless women to help you remain consistent and focused along your fitness or weight loss journey
  • Get involved in the community as much or as little as you choose. No pressure at all. Just know that your Squad Sistaz have got your back when you need it most.

100% FREE Bonus When You Get The FREE Badass Fitness Planner

Let Me Show You Everything You're Getting When You Order

Your FREE Badass planner Today...

Claim Your FREE Badass Fitness Planner + The Bonus Bundle Worth €274.95 Right Now!

We'll ship you a physical copy of the Badass Fitness Planner and you'll Also get instant access to our digital "Squad Sista Success kit" bonus bundle worth over €274.95

  • Coil Bound Badass Fitness Planner - €24.95
  • Lean N Fab - €97
  • How To Store Food Guide - €17
  • Meal Prep Guide - €17
  • Sister Squad Calorie Range Calculator - €19
  • Full Access To The Sister Squad Social Network - €100

Total Value €274.95

Get Your Planner & The Bonuses today For...


Just Cover Shipping & Handling

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You're Probably wondering...

If the planner is so amazing... Why is it FREE?

There are a few main reasons why I'm giving this planner away for free:

  • I want you to win and this is my way of helping you do that. There's so much nonsense out there in the world of fitness and weight loss. The truth is a lot of this fluffy BS is responsible for women not taking action and results in women around the world living unfulfilled and unhealthy lifestyles. This planner helps you stay focused on what matters and helps you forget about everything else that's irrelevant. If I get this planner in your hands there is a great chance you'll be able to achieve your goal if you truly commit and follow through with the process.
  • If you get the planner, get results by using it, and love the process, when the time comes and you're ready to take the next step on your fitness journey you'll turn to Sister Squad. We have already changed the lives of women from all different walks of life for the better, and we'd love to be able to work with you in the future to do the same thing for you.
  • It's my way of saying thanks for checking out Sister Squad and everything we do. 

No messing... This is 100% a limited time offer

Like I mentioned before, this full colour 12-week fitness planner is FREE and right now I've no idea how long this offer will remain unchanged. I earn nothing if you decide to pick it up today. All I'm asking is that you help me cover the printing and postage costs of €14.95 to anywhere in the world!

Your copy will ship as early as 4 hours from right now. Just Click on the Button below and enter your information and we'll get your FREE "Badass Fitness Planner" sent to your front door ASAP!

There is no better time than right now to get the planner. If you come back to this page there's a chance that this FREE planner offer won't be available anymore. We could take it down at any point.

Jumpstart your fitness journey today...

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My "it's not about the money" guarantee to you

If you get the badass fitness planner and don't like what you see, don't like the way it feels, or it just doesn't give you that warm fuzzy feeling inside 😉... Send me an email to with the subject line " 😢 the badass planner" and I'll send you back the publishing and shipping costs you paid to get your hands on the planner.

You don't even have to send me the planner back. Oh, and don't worry there will be no hard feelings... We'll still be friends 🎉. How does that sound?

Emma Weafer

If you're anything like me and often just skim pages and end up at the bottom...

here's the story...

I want to send you this full colour "12-week badass fitness planner" for free. If you help me cover the printing and postage costs of €14.95... I'll ship it to you no matter where you are in the world!

If you say "YES"... Your copy will ship as quickly as 4 hours from now.

I'm also going to be giving you the "It's not about the money" guarantee... If you hate the planner just Send me an email to with the subject line " 😢 the badass planner" and I'll return your printing & shipping costs. You don't even have to send the planner back to me... Absolutely no hard feelings 😃.

So, Click (or tap) the button below to get your FREE planner now. You won't regret it!

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