Do You Want Your Adjustable Booty Band Shipped Today?

We have very limited stock at the moment & can't promise that we will have any available by this time tomorrow.

Do You Want Your Adjustable Booty Band Shipped Today?

We have very limited stock at the moment & can't promise that we will have any available by this time tomorrow.

Are You Sick of uncomfortable resistance bands?

You know the bands that dig into your body as you squat and that can often times make your workouts a way more unpleasant experience than it needs to be?

Well you can now wave goodbye to that extra unnecessary pain and discomfort.


You can also forget about having multiple resistance bands to choose from or even having to reach for another resistance band when you're in the middle of a sweat session.

Those of you that have attended any of my offline classes before March of this year...

Will know that I am a huge fan of what I like to call the "devil band". It still amazes me how much of a killer workout you can get in with just one tiny piece of fitness equipment.

For the most part the "devil band" (the black rubber heavy resistance band) is flawless. It does exactly what it's suppose to do. It burns, it sculpts, and it helps us carve a bad-ass figure when we use it for the moves that are intended.

The problem with this type of band is when we try to use it for other exercises that target specific areas of the body that we really want to focus on for maximum results... We are extremely limited.

The two huge issues with this type of rubber "fixed" resistance band are...

Versatility & Comfort.

You might think that having one piece of equipment that 99.9% of women can use to help sculpt and tone an amazing physique is impossible. But honestly, it's not.

With the two core issues in mind that repeatedly came up when I was working out with my old rubber "devil band". I decided to go on a journey to find an alternative solution.

I needed a band that was comfortable to wear and effective as hell when put to work.

It took a while to find exactly what we were looking for...

But we've finally done it 🥳🥳  and are now proud to offer it to all of you amazing women.

Yes!! The Sister Squad Adjustable Booty Bands are now available in gorgeous Pink & Plush Purple!


Adjustable Resistance

Find the perfect resistance for your current fitness level and body type, without having to change between multiple different resistance bands. Yes! These bands are fully adjustable.

adjustable resistance bands


Super Comfy

Forget about latex or rubber resistance bands that are harsh against the skin and painful when you really turn up the heat during a workout.

booty bands


Non-Slip & Gorgeous

Struggling to keep the resistance band in place during your workout? The non-slip seem on the inside of your new band will prevent any unwanted movement for the entirety of your workout. Game changer. 

If you want a resistance band that will fire up your... 

Glutes, quads, core, and give you maximum results from your workout sessions. This is the band you've been waiting for. They are tough, durable, built to fit any physique, and damn right sexy!

With the small rubber non-slip seam on the inside, these bands will move with your body and won't budge an inch or dig into your legs as you ramp up the speed and intensity throughout your workouts.

You will feel more toned and tighter in your glutes, legs, and even your core after using this band along with our Sister Squad workouts. The tensioning system ensures that the resistance is easy to adjust and helps the Booty Band stay firmly in place while you exercise.

The band is adjustable. And because it’s adjustable for different sizes and tension amounts, you only need one band for a killer workout. The buckle and the small serrated teeth hold the position you've selected on the band without any issues, and the rubber stitching on the inside of the band helps prevent any movement while you put the band and your body to work.

Also, just like a belt that you'd put around your waist, there are small slips for you to neatly tuck away the excess band after you've selected the resistance required for your workout.

Bish, bosh, and boogie... It's that easy 🥳

Today you can forget about all about..

Snapping uncomfortable latex bands forever. Whether you choose the plush purple or the rose pink Sister Squad band, you've finally got a band you can trust to perform every time you wrap it around your body.

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